Transmit UHD content across multiple LED displays from a single, all-in-one source
Showcase stunning content through LED HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology
Manage content and overall display performance within the MagicINFO platform
Deliver live content with lower latency through optional Live Mode
Synchronize video and audio for a smoother viewing experience


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The Samsung’s LED UHD Signage Box (S-Box) stands out in a crowd with LED HDR (High Dynamic Range) picture technology, elevating peak brightness and establishing frame-by-frame gradation. The S-Box also leverages MagicINFO to develop, schedule, and manage content within a single platform equipping businesses with a comprehensive management tool for more convenient and impactful oversight of their entire LED display network. With a Live Mode option, when attending an event where live streaming is occurring, the S-Box improves signal delays and latency. It also integrates the sound and video experience by utilizing a Digital Audio Out
technology that removes the need for additional equipment. The S-Box also instinctively controls the LED brightness and the quality of the lighting by a dimming sensor. The S-Box not only has these impressive features but is more energy-efficient than the previous model


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