Infinova Transmission System N3787

Fiber Optic Transmission System


N3787 series single mode transmission system provides the ability to transmit 1000M Ethernet data over one fiber in full duplex and point-to-point mode. The Ethernet signal on two ends are 10/100/1000M self-adaptive. There are two or eight RJ45 Ethernet ports on the transmitter and receiver, easy to connect with different Ethernet devices.
  • Storage and forward mode to match devices at different speeds
  • Non-blocking wire-speed reception and transmission, transmission without head-of-line blocking
  • Support feedback and diagnosis function
  • Detection and correction of port polarity at the physical layer
  • Support IEEE802.1Q protocol
  • Support 1000M optical port
  • The Ethernet optical ports support full/half duplex (self-adaptive)
  • Support IEEE 802.3x full-duplex flow control and back-pressure half-duplex flow control
  • Support MAC address self-learning and update
  • Support 802.1P protocol and QoS mechanism
  • Compact structure for easy installation
  • Hot swapping design
  • With status indication for power, Ethernet and optical link


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