Extron SW6 VGA Audio 60-260-01

Inputs: Six female 15-pin HD connectors for computer-video; six captive screw connectors for audio

Output: Female 15-pin HD connector for computer-video; captive screw connector for audio

350 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth

Compatible with VGA-QXGA and HDTV component video signals

Switches both balanced and unbalanced audio signals

Audio input gain and attenuation


The Extron SW6 VGA Audio is a six input, one output active switcher for VGA and stereo audio signals. Using 15-pin HD connectors, the SW6 VGA Audio allows multiple computer-video inputs to be switched to one compatible display. The SW6 VGA Audio also provides captive screw terminals for connecting to balanced and unbalanced stereo audio sources.

The SW6 VGA Audio may be controlled via the front panel buttons. A rear panel serial port provides RS-232 control and contact closure control via a 9-pin connector. The switcher is also auto switchable; front panel buttons allow the user to select between auto-input switching and normal switching. Auto-input switching allows any input of the switcher to be selected automatically when the switcher detects a sync signal. For example, a number of wall plate receptacles can be installed around a room, each routed to one input of a switcher. As soon as an active VGA source is connected to the wall plate, the switcher automatically selects that input. The SW6 VGA Audio fits into the included 19-inch (48.3 cm), 1U rack mount shelf.


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