Dsppa Amplifier MP9006

SUB/FM Mixer Amplifier


  • 5-channel microphone input ports, 2-channel auxiliary line input ports, 1-channel EMC input port,1-channel line output port.
  • Tuning and MP3 converting play is very convenient, the station tuning and saving with permanent saving function at power failure.
  • Chime output function.
  • Two stages priority mute function, available to insert the priority PA.
  • The tuner/MP3 status liquid crystal display (LCD), Chinese subtitle, 5-unit LED level meters, inspecting the operating status very easily.
  • Each channel with independent volume control, treble and bass adjusting.
  • 100V, 70V constant voltage output and 4Ω fixed resistance (balanced, non-grounding) output.
  • AC 220V working voltage.
  • Output short-circuit protection and alarm.
  • The single board is a complete PA system.


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