Da-lite 79878 Projector screen

Dalite 87 x 116″ Model C Manual Front Projection Screen


The Dalite 87 x 116″ Model C Manual Front Projection Screen is a perfect choice for either a large lecture or seminar hall, or conference/training room. The screen is designed for heavy use and features lubricated steel ball bearings for a smooth operating system. The screen is accessed via a pull cord.

The CSR mechanism was designed to provide a smooth and safe way for the screen to be retracted into its case. This kind of consistent operation ensures a longer life for the screen. Screens with CSR must be fully extended since there are no intermediate stopping positions.

  • Wall or Ceiling Mounted / Non-Tensioned
  • 150″ Diagonal / Video Format
  • 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  • Matte White Finish / Front Projection


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