Crestron Cable DM-CBL-8G-NP-SP1000

DigitalMedia 8G™ Cable | non-plenum | 1000ft



Crestron® DigitalMedia 8G™ Cable (DM-CBL-8G-NP) is a 350MHz-certified twisted-pair cable with overall foil shield (F/UTP) that is engineered to deliver optimum performance for use in data networking and high-definition AV signal distribution applications. It is precision manufactured and tested to significantly exceed the CAT5e specifications for bandwidth, crosstalk, and interference rejection, and is qualified for use wherever a high-quality shielded CAT5e wire is required. DigitalMedia 8G Cable provides a complete Crestron-guaranteed wiring solution for use with DigitalMedia 8G+® devices, and is also highly recommended for use with Sonnex® Multiroom Audio Systems, HDBaseT®, and other CATx based audio, video, and data distribution products.

Key Features
  • 350 MHz ultra high-performance shielded CAT5e (F/UTP)
  • Optimized for high-definition digital AV and Ethernet data networking applications
  • Precision manufactured and tested to exceed CAT5e specifications
  • Qualified for use wherever a high-quality shielded CAT5e is required
  • Ensures Crestron® guaranteed performance for DigitalMedia 8G+® and Sonnex® Link
  • Highly recommended for use with HDBaseT®
  • Every spool individually tested and certified
  • Measurement markings on the outer jacket
  • NEC® Type CM and CSA® Type CMR rated


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