Cloud MPA-626 Amplifier

MPA626 – 150W Mixer Amplifier


The Cloud MPA-626 provides a package as comprehensive and as complete as any product in the range. This product offers 6 line inputs, 2 mic inputs with same or descending priority and 150W of Cloud reliable power. Its integrated relays for 100V attenuation restoration, chime sounder and the ability to directly connect virtually any music or line level input plus 2 microphones in pretty much any configuration provides the solution many venues might demand.

  • 6 line inputs with gain control
  • Line 6 priority over other inputs
  • 2 Mic inputs with equal or descending priority
  • Separate EQ for music and mic
  • Music level selection with remote control RL-1
  • Integrated relays for 100V attenuator restoration
  • Integrated chime
  • Connection for module DM-1
  • Variable line output
  • Optional equaliser modules for Bose loudspeakers can be fitted


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