Bose 24643 Speaker

Environmental Outdoor Speakers

251 Wall Mount Speaker (Black)


Bose 251 speakers set a new standard for performance and reliability outdoors through a combination of advanced technology, extensive research and rigorous testing. An articulated array reproduces sound over a larger listening area. The result is a wide distribution of sound, so you can enjoy music equally from both speakers as you move around outdoors. And the patented multi–chamber bass enclosure helps deliver full, deep bass without audible distortion, from a smaller design. These speakers deliver performance and reliability Most conventional outdoor speakers – and many indoor speakers – simply cannot match. Elegant yet rugged, Bose 251 speakers are engineered to withstand snow, rain, salt and temperature extremes of 140 °F (60 °C) to –22 °F (–30 °C). weather–resistant mounting brackets and hardware included allowing for easy installation.

  • Take these speakers with you anywhere you want to have great sound quality
  • Set them up by the pool, or on the workbench, or anywhere an extra-durable speaker is needed
  • A water-resistant composite casing makes these tough enough to handle blistering heat or deadly cold
  • The articulated array speaker design makes for clearer sound in areas like workshops or basements.For extra powerful sound, it has a multi-chamber bass enclosure.



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