Bosch Loudspeaker LBC3087/41

Bosch Ceiling loudspeaker

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The LBC 3087/41 is an economic flush-mounting ceiling loudspeaker for general-purpose applications. It is a full-range loudspeaker for speech and music reproduction in shops, department stores, schools, offices, sports halls, hotels and restaurants. The LBC 3087/41 has a single-piece, 6 W, dual-cone loudspeaker. A 100 V matching transformer is mounted on the back of the frame. The circular metal grille is an integrated part of the front, and is finished in an unobtrusive white color (RAL 9010). The loudspeaker has built-in protection to ensure that, in the event of a fire, damage to the loudspeaker does not result in failure of the circuit to which it is connected.

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